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     Ready To Join?

To join LUGNET, please fill out our lifetime membership enrollment form below. You will be given a member page on LUGNET and a listing in the membership directory. As a member, you'll also be able to participate later in automated LEGO auctions and computer-assisted trading at LUGNET, as well as many other fun things.

Since this page is long and has many things to consider, you may want to print a hardcopy and jot down a few notes before beginning.

(Kids, make sure you have permission from a parent or guardian first before giving out any personal information.)
Minifig chest graphic is a handmade sticker. The Mini-Figure image is a trade dress of the LEGO Company.

Who are you?
Type your real-life name in the boxes below. Your formal name will typically appear only on your member page, and your informal name will typically appear in listings and references outside your member page.

Long (Formal) Form of Your Real-Life Name

Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss, etc.
Jr., Sr., III, etc.
PhD, JD, MD, DDS, etc.
Short (Informal) Form of Your Real-Life Name

Jr., Sr., III, etc.

If you have a nickname that people call you in person, or if you have an online pseudonym, alias, handle, pen name, or screen name, you can enter that too if you like (below only—not above). This will not typically appear outside of your member page.

Also Known As

Nicknames and/or Screen Names

What is your gender? By default, your gender is kept confidental and is used only for internal demographic purposes.
Male    Female
 Keep my gender confidential

When were you born? Your birthday is also kept confidential by default and only used for internal demographic purposes (identifying age groups and trends and so forth) and it also allows us to greet you on your birthday.
4 digits
 Keep my age confidential
 Keep my birthday confidential

What is your e-mail address? If you have more than one, feel free to list alternatives (other actual addresses, that is—not spamblocked versions), in case anyone has trouble contacting you. These will not appear on your member page unless you un-check the boxes on the right.
   Keep confidential
e-mail #2:
   Keep confidential
e-mail #3:
   Keep confidential

If you have a personal web page or site somewhere, by all means list it below so other people can surf your site.
My site Name:

My site URL:

My site #2 Name:

My site #2 URL:

My site #3 Name:

My site #3 URL:

Where are you?
Which country or nation do you live in or identify most closely with? Your nation's flag will appear on your member page.

If you live in the United States, which state do you live in or most closely identify with?
U.S. State:

What is your complete postal mailing address where you live? (Include your full name and your country name!)
Full Name &

 Keep my permanent home address confidential
If you also receive postal articles at a alternate address, such as a P.O. box, or a relative's house, or your workplace, you can enter that too. (Include your full name and your country name here too.)
Full Name &


 Keep my alternate address confidential
To which address should any written correspondence be sent?
Send to:
Permanent address
Alternate address
IMPORTANT: Did you remember to include your name and country above? These are both needed for your complete postal mailing address!

If you belong to a local real-life (i.e., not online-only) LEGO users group or club (for example, BayLUG, NELUG, PNLTC, etc.), feel free to list its name and URL.
Group/club Name:

Group/club URL:

Group/club #2 Name:

Group/club #2 URL:

Group/club #3 Name:

Group/club #3 URL:

What brings you here?
Tell us all a little bit about yourself. Below are a whole bunch of boxes that you can type answers in. (No URLs or HTML, please—just plain text.) Your answers will appear on your member page for others to read.

All of the boxes in this section are optional. Answer as many or as few as you like.

Favorite LEGO toys/themes:

My fascination with LEGO began...

I once built...

Someday I will build...

LEGO is great because...

LEGO fans are great because...

My favorite...
Non-LEGO Toys:

Hobbies & Interests:


Movies & TV:



Pets & Animals:

Words which best describe me:

I love it when...

I hate it when...

I can't seem to get enough...

I always seem to have enough...

I hope I always...

I wish I could...

I could never...

I hope I never...

I wish I hadn't...

In my craziest moments...

Believe it or not...

If I were super-human...

Here's a chance to describe your life philosophy...
Three rules I try to live by:



What would you like to see more of and less of in the world? What do you aspire to improve in your own life or recommend to others?
More & Less:
1.  More:


2.  More:


3.  More:


(If you get stuck, here are some sample ideas...
  • More Sundays, less Mondays.
  • More good old-fashioned real fat, less diet cheese food products.
  • More stand-up video arcade games, less fax-printer-scanner-copiers.
  • More supercooled jumbo hypercoil manifolds, less rogue duct fixers.
...of course, use your imagination!)

Finally, are there any additional comments that you want to put on your LUGNET member page? (Again, plain text only—no HTML.) If you have a lot to write, use blank lines to designate paragraph breaks.

Your Member ID
LUGNET Member ID numbers are assigned automatically and incrementally, one per person. If there are any specific numbers you would prefer to avoid (for example, 1313 or 666), you can list these in the box below, separated by spaces or commas.
Please don't assign me:
Your LUGNET Member ID number will be your primary identity in the system, meaning that it will be used throughout. For example, it will appear in the URL (web address) of your member page, in your personal login information, on your membership card, and so forth. Most of these details will be transparent, however, so that you don't have to worry about memorizing other peoples' numbers.

Your Membership Fee
No one enjoys the haggle of periodic subscription fees, so all LUGNET memberships are lifetime. Once you're in, you're in for life—unless you get yourself kicked out somehow by doing something really nasty.

Because everyone uses LUGNET in different ways, you are the best judge of how LUGNET affects your life. We therefore ask you to bill yourself based on what you think it will be (or has been) worth to you. Enter this number in the box below, then pay all or some of it as you join now.
Value to me:
US$   ($10 minimum)
Portion I am paying now:
US$   ($10 minimum)
Later, at your sole discretion, you can increase your lifetime membership fee and pay more if you want to; there is no upper limit. You might decide, for example, to reevaluate your fee once per year or whenever new features are added which you feel have been worthwhile to you. Or, if you want, you can just pay the initial minimum to join and let that be your only payment for life. It's all up to you.
Your personal fees are kept confidential and only used for internal accounting purposes (calculating or reporting averages, predicting trends, reporting our income to the IRS, etc.).

All set?
Please review your answers and double-check your name and address for mistakes.

Once again, it's important to stress: Kids, make sure you have permission from a parent or guardian before submitting this form! Select one of the following:

I am 18 years of age or older.
I am not yet 18 years of age. I have the permission and approval of my parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to fill out this form and to provide personal information about myself. I am not submitting information without their knowledge and consent.

Finally, we take this service very seriously and ask that you do the same. Please indicate your commitment to helping keep this a special place:

I have carefully read, I understand, and I agree to all of the Terms of Use of this service.
I swear that all the information I am submitting on this page is correct and that I am not submitting any false, fraudulent, incomplete, or deceptive information.
I understand that my real-life name will appear on my member page, which anyone can see. My address and other personal information about me will also appear on my member page except where I have designated that such information be kept confidential.

When you're ready, click the enrollment button below...

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