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Minifig chest graphics are handmade stickers and are not an official product of the LEGO Company. The Mini-Figure image is a trade dress of the LEGO Company, which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse LUGNET.

How do I join?
To become a LUGNET member, first familiarize yourself with LUGNET's Terms of Use, then fill out the membership enrollment form. (Kids, make sure you have permission from a parent or guardian first.)

What do I get?
LUGNET Membership allows you to: highlight and spotlight posts; rate and comment on any LEGO set; keep your own set list and want list (integrated with the LUGNET Set Database); create a member profile page; publish your own webpages on; become a newsgroup curator; post your messages faster; and join the roster of others who help to support LUGNET.

What does it cost me?
You pay what you think is fair, based on what the value of LUGNET is to you. A membership is 10 dollars (U.S.) plus whatever extra you consider appropriate. If you get a vast amount of value from LUGNET, then you may feel most comfortable paying a large sum. If you don't get much value from LUGNET or if you're a starving artist or student, then you may feel most comfortable simply paying the minimum. It's up to you.

Can I pay with PayPal™?
Yes, the email address is <memberships@ SPAMCAKE>. However, please fill out the enrollment form first and await acknowledgment before sending payment. (You'll receive more details after filling out the form.) Or, if you would like to make a simple monetary donation rather than becoming a member, please visit the donations page.
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