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This document outlines the plan for a large-scale multi-user World Wide Web site called LUGNET, to be activated for initial use in early 1998. The LUGNET web site resides at and other subdomains of The name LUGNET is a partial acronym which stands for LEGO Users Group Network. LUGNET is a new web site
     LUGNET is completely unofficial in that it is not sponsored, authorized, or endorsed by the Lego Group of companies, but it is significant in that it is a world-wide virtual community where enthusiasts of LEGO toys can share all kinds of information. And it is a virtual community
     Covered here are the major purposes, goals, features, architectures, and future directions for the site while it is under construction. Some of the designs discussed here are settled in, others are still open to options. When the site is complete, this document will disappear and be replaced with something much less dry to help people get acquainted with the system. This document is a preliminary introduction to the site

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