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Purpose of the Web Site
Current methods of communication between enthusiasts of LEGO toys on the Internet include private electronic mail, public participation in the USENET forum, and the browsing and publishing of personal web sites. While these methods of communication are sufficient for almost any purpose, they are not particularly efficient, especially where organization of collective knowledge, long-term focused group discussions, or commerce are involved. LEGO enthusiasts communicate many ways
     The purpose of LUGNET is multi-dimensional. It is designed to make communication easier among online enthusiasts of LEGO toys, as well as to provide new communication methods. So it is, fundamentally, a communications tool. But it is one with a distinct purpose: LUGNET is designed to unite, enrich, and help people share
      To enrich the online experience for the LEGO enthusiast in a growing number of new ways.
From this purpose come the following goals:  
1.   To help people share ideas by nurturing the development and exchange of building concepts, by hosting a web of individualized community member homepages, and by organizing a wide variety of topical and geographical user groups.
2.   To help people share information about LEGO products and LEGO-related resources on the World Wide Web by setting in motion a community-driven knowledge-base.
3.   To help people exchange items for sale or trade by providing an efficient integrated marketplace.
These goals characterize what the site sets out to accomplish. Of course what the site sets out to be is helpful and fun for people of all ages.  

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