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The LarMat Line

LarMat Long Shot

Long Shot (104k)
LarMat Closer Shot

Closer Up (104k)
Control Tower

Control Tower (38k)
View from behind the engine...

View From Behind the Engine (75k)
Passenger Station

Passenger Station (73k)
Another station, at night...

Another Passenger Station (90k)

The LarMat Line runs around a portion of our garden, that bit which is least attractive from the point of view of planting flowers and the like. It starts from a point close to the children's play-shed (The Den) and runs up a border towards the house with a spur off to 'The Mound'. The main part of the track continues to a point 10 metres from the house and serves Kenilworth Airport. Total running length is 35 metres, three simultaneous trains can run (if you have a quick-thinking team on the signals and switches) and grade difference is 0.4 metre across various track sections.

'LarMat' is a contraction of our children's names, Lara and Matthew. Kenilworth Drive is our address, hence the airport and Denville station is the start-point. 'The Mound'? A small hillock which the line climbs to a tourist view-point!!

All traction is battery-powered, with trackside control posts much used and the original battery-system signals and modified tenders.

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