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The Space Police Eliminator

Karim's SP 1

SP1 (39k)
Karim's SP 2

SP2 (37k)
Karim's SP 3

SP3 (35k)
Karim's SP 4

SP4 (56k)
Karim's SP 5

SP5 (56k)
Karim's SP 6

SP6 (50k)

The Eliminator is a short-range interceptor recently put into service as part of the SWAT arsenal. The Eliminator is designed as a modular assault system that can be fielded in strike or interceptor roles.

SP1, SP2 - The Eliminator interceptor, configured for close combat, with wing and weapon nacelles swept back

SP3, SP4, SP5 - The Eliminator mated with its auxiliary torpedo launcher and booster sled, now configured for an anti-ship strike role. The Torpedo launcher carries two heavy anti-matter torpedoes and 4 missile launchers.

SP6 - The Eliminator mated directly to the booster sled. This configuration gives the Eliminator trans-atmospheric capabilities during intercept missions. The torpedo launcher is pictured in the background.

Darkworld Crawler Chassis

Darkworld Crawler Chassis 1

DW1 (34k)
Darkworld Crawler Chassis 2

DW2 (35k)

This is the next addition to the Darkworld theme. The 6-wheeled utility vehicle is designed to accept different configurations of Cab, Control, and Machine modules to perform different tasks. The modules (not pictured) have yet to be built.

DW1, DW2 - Six-wheel independent suspension achieved by a combination spring/torsion suspension.

The Nemesis

Nemesis 1

N1 (41k)
Nemesis 2

N2 (58k)
Nemesis 3

N3 (71k)
Nemesis 4

N4 (38k)
Nemesis 5

N5 (70k)
Nemesis 6

N6 (84k)
Nemesis 7

N7 (60k)
Nemesis 8

N8 (62k)
Nemesis 9

N9 (51k)
Nemesis 10

N10 (55k)

A brief update on the exploits of Hans Lego and his co-pilot Rebecca, crew of the smuggling ship "Titanium Gander"...

After a daring escape from the mineral world Octan IV, the Titanium Gander was ambushed by an Imperial interdictor and torn out of hyperspace near the trading world of Paracol. In a fierce but brief battle in high orbit, the Gander was seized by the tractor-beam of the interdictor.

While the ship was being drawn into the hangar of the interdictor, Hans Lego managed to place Rebecca (who had been rendered unconscious in the melee) into an escape pod and launch her to the surface of the planet.

As a final act of defiance, Lego waited until the Gander was secured in the hangar bay, then scuttled her by detonating the reactor core, destroying both the Titanium Gander and the Imperial Vessel.

On the surface of Paracol, Rebecca fled the escape pod as soon as she regained consciousness and journeyed towards the Mega-City of Rorrocol-Arcol where with highly improbable luck, she managed to win a decent living by gambling (she NEVER loses).

Before long, Rebecca had acquired a new ship which she named "Nemesis" (what you were expecting "Molybdenom Sparrow" or something?). With her increasing winnings, she began to outfit the Nemesis with better engines, stronger shields, an able crew, and many weapons. Then, deciding she had had enough of smuggling, she set out on a career of outright piracy.

Throughout the Galaxy, the Nemesis is the most feared ship to ply the dark void of space.

The Nemesis is a medium cruiser that has undergone a refit for her life as a Pirate ship.

N1, N2, N3, N4 - Heavy armor, a wide array of weapons, and powerful engines make the Nemesis a formidable craft.

N5, N6, N7 - Hatches opened to show interior control, engineering, and cargo spaces.

N8 - The landing struts are powered by four pneumatic pistons.

N9, N10 - The Crew of the Nemesis, from left to right: Jan Staves (co-pilot/guner), C4 (combat droid), Rebecca (captain), Grorkah (engineer)

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