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Train Layout, Creche, Stanley Cup and Christmas Tree

Thanks to Gail Meagher for submitting these great pictures!

Train Layout

Train Layout 1
40k jpg
Train Layout 2
44k jpg

The first image is of the Via Train, based on the Via Passenger train in Canada.   Unfortunately the only grey doors I have are from teh Metroliner and Club Car, and have stripes on them.  A family of playmobil deer at the edge of the clearing.

On the right is the Freight Train.  The engine is a CNR Diesel, followed by the blue hopper car from LEGO, a CP Robot car, tanker car and a CP caboose w/o its markings.  The mountainside was built to allow the train to travel under a chesterfield on the living room floor, with two tunnel openings.


39k jpg

A playmobil sheep snuck into one corner.  I cheated a bit on the angel.   Her halo is held on by a bit of tape.

Stanley Cup Finals!

Stanley Cup Finals!
39k jpg

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
19k jpg

I'm allergic to real trees, so I build one out of LEGO and decorated it.

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