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Explorien-Based Spacecraft

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Jeff Markwell writes…

"A few months ago, I actually had some free time, so I took apart my 6982 Explorien Startship and created this ship. I started off with the goal of using the Pre-fabricated Explorien Wing (Cockpit version), otherwise known as the PEWC piece, as something other than a cockpit wing. The result is a wing configuration that slopes upward from the body of the ship.

The pilots of the ship are not standard mini-figures. They are Stampers. To make a Stamper, stand up a minifig, and have him reach to try to touch his toes. Then remove the torso from the legs, and the Stamper is left standing there. The minifig's lefgs are the Stamper's legs and the special studs on the legs piece are the Stamper's eye sockets. Using Stampers instead of minfigs allows smaller manned ships to be built, which makes it easier to build a fleet without tons and tons of pieces.

The ship has four sections that connect in different ways to each other to create several modular combinations. There are two configurations for a single large ship, and several configurations resulting in two separate craft."

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