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This Carousel was designed and built by Eileen Keeney (sometime in 1994, with modifications in 1995).

The construction of the design makes use of mostly LEGO SYSTEM(tm) building pieces. A few TYCO(R) ( LEGO SYSTEM(tm) compatible ) bricks were used to get the quantities of Pink desired. The functional elements of the design can be created using only LEGO SYSTEM(tm) building pieces.

The horses on the carousel do go up and down, with full carousel motion. The dragons only go round and round. Currently there are two LEGO technic motors, with rubber band gears attached to each one. Using one motor and the chain links worked O.K., but the rattle noise was such that I preferred to use the rubber bands. Downgearing and friction are such, that at full power, the carousel runs at the usual slow carousel speed. It can be powered with either the 9volt battery box or the 9volt electric train controller.

The center mechanics uses a LEGO SYSTEM(tm) technic turntable which provides support for a rotating surface around a stationary center. The stationary center is used to hold a stationary gear, which allows for the gears on the horse poles to cause the up and down motion of the horses. All the functional pieces are available in current LEGO SYSTEM(tm) sets and spare parts packages. Some of the decorative elements (such as the colored arch and slope pieces) are from older sets, and I am not sure of their current color availability. The carousel floor surface, and the overhead, utilize the octagon building surface plates found in the LEGO SYSTEM(tm) set#6939.

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