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The Ice Mountain Keep

Ice Keep 1

The Ice Mountain Keep (34k)
Ice Keep 2

Ice Mountain Keep Interior (35k)
Ice Keep 3

Ice Beer Brewery (31k)
Ice Keep 4

Loading the Brew (41k)
Ice Keep 5

Mystical Beasts (35k)
Ice Keep 6

Guards and Snow Knights (35k)
Ice Keep 7

Black Falcons (46k)

The Ice Mountain Keep

Ice Mountain Keep Interior - Inside the Keep you can see the Warlock's Altar up top, the Dungeon below and what else would be better in an Ice Keep than an Ice Brewery?

Ice Beer Brewery - Close-up of the Ice Brewery, where the beer is tested to perfection.

Loading the Brew - The special Brew is then loaded to be taken to town (another project).

Mystical Beasts - The Keep is protected by many Mystical Beasts. The one on the right can be found on Karim Nassar's web page.

Guards and Snow Knights - In addition to the different beasts in the dungeon, the Warlock employs his own guards and elite Snow Knights. Notice the operation of the drawbridge.

Black Falcons - With the drawbridge fully retracted, these war-bound Black Falcons will move on to an easier target.

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