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Trains & Trolleys

Jacob2 4-4-0

Jacob2 4-4-0 Image 1

Loco Front (23k)
Jacob2 4-4-0 Image 2

Look at all that Stuff! (26k)
Jacob2 4-4-0 Image 3

Getting Closer (25k)
Jacob2 4-4-0 Image 4

There's the Engineer (26k)
Jacob2 4-4-0 Image 5

The Beginning of Something Great (29k)

231 pieces including the tender. 3DS MAX (3D Animation) generated instructions along with a detailed piece inventory are in the works!

Town Trolley

Town Trolley Image 1

Town Trolley (29k)
Town Trolley Image 2

Side View (23k)
Town Trolley Image 3

Front View (20k)
Town Trolley Image 4

Trolley & Conductor (24k)

A modern electric trolley built with pieces from the Load 'n' Haul Railroad.

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