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LEGO Zeppelin, Gloege Glade Windmill, Wasp!!, HMS Justice, Schubert 1797 to 1828, Big Red, WaspZUKI, Yellow Horse

Thanks to Max Braun for submitting his various LEGO creations. Take a close look at these - some have won awards at LEGO building contests!

LEGO Zeppelin
This model won 2nd place in the 13 to Adult category in Creative Kid Stuff's Annual LEGO Building Contest held in Minneapolis. It was built in July of 1993, and is approximately 24 inches long and 18 inches tall. LEGO Zeppelin is a real favorite of mine. It marked a turning point in my LEGO building. Bigger is Better!

LEGO Zeppelin 80k JPG
80k JPG


Gloege Glade Windmill
"Gloege" is pronounced "glo-gee". Built in May of '96, the tower portion of the Windmill stands 3'6" tall, and it's 5'6" to the top of the blades.

Gloege Glade Windmill Front 75k JPG
75k JPG
Gloege Glade Windmill Front - 75k JPG
75k JPG
Gloege Glade Windmill Profile 44k JPG
44k JPG
Gloege Glade Windmill Profile 55k JPG
55k JPG
Gloege Glade Windmill Rear 70k JPG
70k JPG
Gloege Glade Windmill Back 63k JPG
63k JPG
Gloege Glade Windmill Front 71k JPG
71k JPG
Gloege Glade Windmill Front 60k JPG
60k JPG


The Wasp!! won the 1st Place award in the 13 to Adult category in Creative Kid Stuff's LEGO Building Contest. I built it in June of '96 out of Castle, Space and Technic pieces. Wasp!! took just two and a half days to design and build.

Wasp!! Profile
21k JPG
Wasp!! on Display 58k JPG
58k JPG


HMS Justice
This ship features a gun deck with six cannons.

HMS Justice 55k JPG
55k JPG


Schubert 1797 to 1828
This model stands about 20" tall. It was built in October of '96.

Schubert Front 35k JPG
35k JPG
Schubert Profile 29k JPG
29k JPG
Schubert Three-Quarter 35k JPG
35k JPG


Big Red
I know, I know...he kinda looks like a sea serpent. It's three feet long and eighteen inches tall.

Big Red Three-Quarter 37k JPG
37k JPG
Big Red Profile 23k JPG
23k JPG


WaspZUKI is the refit of the award winning Wasp!! It's about 26" by 26" and was built in January of '97. Wasp!! took two days to build and six months to reconstruct. Notice the two sets of wings and improved head design.

WaspZUKI Three-Quarter 65k JPG
65k JPG
WaspZUKI Front 42k JPG
42k JPG
WaspZUKI Head 59k JPG
59k JPG
WaspZUKI Tail 47k JPG
47k JPG


Yellow Horse
This model was built in February of '97. It's eighteen inches tall and twenty inches long.

Yellow Horse 54k JPG
54k JPG
Yellow Horse Three Quarter 49k JPG
49k JPG

If you'd like to e-mail Max to tell him how cool these models are, his e-mail address is

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