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LEGO® Set Lists

A Quick Word About These Lists...

A lot of work has gone into creating these lists. However, they are still not complete. If you have information where there is currently none on these lists, or if the information given is in some way incorrect, please let us know using the e-mail address below. Thanks for your patience as we work to keep these lists up to date...

The following are plain, tab-separated ASCII files without HTML codes, tables, etc.:

LEGO Sets Arranged by Set Number (last updated 1/8/98, 455k)
LEGO Sets Arranged Alphabetically (last updated 1/8/98, 455k)

If you would prefer to download a .ZIP of the above files, you can do so here:

LEGO set lists, both alpha-ordered and numeric-ordered, in a .ZIP file (last updated 9/4/97, 58k)

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