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General LEGO Information

In 1958, the LEGO brick that is so common to millions of people all over the world was invented and patented by INTERLEGO A/S, a family-owned company based in Billund, Denmark. Today, there are nearly 2,000 different elements produced for various LEGO sets, and the LEGO Group consists of 50 companies in 29 countries.

LEGO toys have an enourmous, loyal and sometimes fanatical following. The reasons for this are as varied as the people who enjoy the toys, but some of the most basic reasons are that the toys encourage creativity, are extremely versatile, provide literally countless hours of building and playing fun and are very well-made.

Builders, collectors and fans of LEGO toys - collectively called legomaniacs - are everywhere. Sex, age, religion and geographic location seem to have little to do with whether or not people enjoy LEGO toys, as legomaniacs come in about every variety of person you might imagine.

Enthusiasm on the Internet is very high, with hundreds of fan-created sites populating the web. This page serves to provide some basic information on LEGO toys and the LEGO company, as well as information on various LEGO-related issues.

Table of Contents

A Chronological History of the LEGO Company and LEGO Toys
Interesting LEGO Facts and Great Debates - Issues Relating to LEGO Toys
How to Contact the LEGO Company Near You


The information on this page was compiled from a few sources in addition to our own database of info:

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