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A LEGO Toy Before the LEGO Brick
September 1, 1997

These pictures of LEGO toy 270 were submitted by George Kohrman. LEGO produced many such toys before the LEGO Automatic Binding Bricks were popular, and after LEGO bricks went on sale, these toys were sold to compliment the various sets and populate the towns kids may have built out of LEGO bricks. These toys can sometimes be found in antique or collectible toy shops.

LEGO toy #270 is a set of six cycles of different types, including riders. Hey...what's that the kid on the box is holding? Hmm...looks suspiciously similar to a LEGO set that Pause Magazine may make available in the near future...

A close-up of five of the pieces of toy #270.

Notice the pictures of LEGO bricks on the inside panel of the box drawer.

The end flap of the box drawer shows illustrations of some of the pieces included in #270.

Special thanks to George Kohrman for submitting these pictures!

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