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These links offer access to more detailed information, websites by other LEGO fans and brickshops from all over the world.
You can also visit the Everything LEGO Link Page created by Michael Dorneich, but please note that many links are broken there!
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By submitting a link, please DO NOT add simple Link Lists or Brickshelf folders. Thank you!

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Page: << | 1 | 2 | >> is a site dedicated to Lego Batman. It is a wiki that anyone can edit.
added on 10.01.2007 01:28 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2701
Custom Lego Minifigs
a custom minifig blog with all the newest and best minifigs from around the web
added on 26.07.2009 11:50 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 3670
Custom Minifigs
a Lego AFOL site dedicated to custom minifigs and the art of minifig customization, with news, reviews and photos, updated weekly
added on 15.01.2009 15:31 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 4083
The website dedicated to the brick world of TV, Movies and Comic Books.
added on 19.12.2006 16:51 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2768
Jacob's Creations
Building instructions and photos of creations designed by Jacob Sparre Andersen + family & friends.
added on 28.06.2006 11:18 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 3211
A dutch LEGO-site.

Moc’s, mosaic of LEGO.
added on 24.05.2009 17:58 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2515
Lego and K’nex Machines
Videos and building instructions of lego and knex machines. Mostly lego guns, but also a lego remote controlled turret and a remote controlled car! Really easy building instructions.
added on 14.03.2009 14:16 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2305
A great LEGO-Page, but not ONLY LEGO! It's in German.
added on 12.05.2007 21:27 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2846 showcases the work of LEGO engineers. Come show of your work and network with others who’ve created mechanical LEGO wonders.
added on 06.08.2009 18:38 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2395
Global Lego Mecha Database
added on 28.06.2006 08:19 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 3200

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