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These links offer access to more detailed information, websites by other LEGO fans and brickshops from all over the world.
You can also visit the Everything LEGO Link Page created by Michael Dorneich, but please note that many links are broken there!
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International LEGO Enthusiast News Network. Currently in late Alpha functionality. Provides integrated RSS display of many LEGO-related sources on the Internet. Searchable news archive.
added on 28.06.2006 20:38 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 1085
Legomation / Brickfilms How to Site
Resource for those new to making brickfilms (legomations) with tips and tricks on how to get started and how to improve your lego stop motion animations.
added on 24.03.2008 10:25 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 785
LUGNET Set Guide
A guide to official LEGO sets, including pictures, prices, and piece counts. Also lists sets owned by LUGNET members and member rankings and comments.
added on 04.07.2006 21:18 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 1153
Minitalia Reference
The story of the LEGO Minitalia sets, sold in Italy during the 70s, with the complete list of released sets and parts.
added on 09.02.2007 11:52 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 849
Peeron LEGO Inventories
Peeron LEGO Inventories is a partial listing of the parts in official LEGO sets, with illustrations of parts where possible and cross-referencing to show what (inventoried) sets include a given part.
added on 28.06.2006 10:56 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 1098
PICSL - Peeron Instruction And Catalog Scans Library
Scans of building instructions and catalogs that are older than 3 years.
added on 28.06.2006 11:01 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 1254
Complete database on Lego promotional and commemorative bricks in both Duplo and System styles.
added on 28.06.2006 10:25 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 917
Rótica Educativa con LEGO
added on 26.12.2006 02:52 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 785
Wiki 0937
Wiki 0937 é uma enciclopédia aberta sobre LEGO em português. Toda a gente pode criar e alterar os seus conteúdos!
added on 18.10.2006 11:08 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 863
Wiki-Brick-Links - Open directory to LEGO sites
Wiki-brick-links is an online bookmark directory for LEGO fans which combined skills of multiple people to find the latest LEGO related sites and forums.
added on 29.06.2006 22:24 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 1105

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