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Das 1000steine-Land (TSL) ist eine Veranstaltung von LEGO Fans fuer LEGO Fans, organisiert und durchgefuehrt von erwachsenen LEGO Fans (AFOLs = Adult Fans of LEGO). Das TSL ist aber nicht nur ein Treffen für AFOLs aus ganz Europa, sondern auch eine oeffentliche Ausstellung der aktuellsten und schoensten Privat-Modelle, die auf einer Flaeche von ueber 2000qm gezeigt werden.
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Brick Contests
A website that is for brick contests
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BrickCon held annually in Seattle, Washington is a public exhibition where hundreds of display models are made from thousands of LEGO® parts, created by Adult LEGO® Hobbyists for the enjoyment of all.
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BrickFest is a gathering for Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) from around the world in Washington, D.C.. Anyone who enjoys building with these wonderful Blocks is invited to bring your MOC or just join the fun.
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Brickworld official web site
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Brickworld is an event created by Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs), held annually in Chicago. The event is divided into two sections; one for registered attendees and one for the general public. Both sections of the event support the motto:

Share - Learn - Explore - Discover
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LEGOfest Torino
The official website of the ItLUG LEGOfest in Torino, Italy. The LEGOfest Torino is a meeting and an exhibition of the best Mocs for Italian AFoLs and for people from border countries (e.g. France, Switzerland).
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LEGOWORLD The Netherlands
Big event of all kind of LEGO.
Every year in October, 5 days long.
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Plastic Brick Museum
Home of the World’s Largest LEGO(r) IMAGE and many other sculptures, robotics, and a VERY LARGE COLLECTION OF PLASTIC BRICKS and MOCs
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PLUG - Associação Portuguesa de Utilizadores de LEGO
Portuguese Official LUG site
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