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Home of the Bay Area LEGO Users Group and the Bay Area LEGO Train Club, two VERY active clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area.
added on 05.07.2006 18:48 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2964
DelVaLUG - Delaware Valley
The Delaware Valley LEGO Users Group includes members from DE, NJ and PA, and overlaps with the territories of PennLUG and GardenSLUG. Since 2004, it has executed group displays at Greenberg-run train shows, NBC10 Lifestyle Expos, NMRA NTS 2006 with ILTCO, and Wizard World.
added on 21.06.2007 03:59 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2631
DixieLUG is a LEGO User Group with members in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and other surrounding states. DixieLUG holds semi-regular monthly meeting of its members and participates in various shows and activities. DixieLUG members are adults and young-adults who are collectors, hobbyists, artists, and fans of the brick!
added on 29.06.2006 02:59 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2791
GtwLUG Gateway LEGO Users Group
GtwLUG is a group to discuss, play and game with the LEGO brick it the St. Louis area
added on 27.02.2007 18:26 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2874
HAmpton RoaDs Lego User Group. A LUG serving southeastern Vriginia.
added on 05.08.2008 00:44 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2423
Indiana Lego Users Group
added on 28.06.2006 21:23 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 3110
This is the LEGO Users Group of Los Angeles, California.
added on 23.11.2006 02:25 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2776
Official website of the New England LEGO Users Group, with members in the upper northeastern United States.
added on 28.06.2006 06:59 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 3365
The Seattle Area LEGO Users Group is a low-key group of adult LEGO enthusiasts who meet at a different location in the Seattle area (Everett to Steilacoom) once a month.
added on 04.07.2006 21:13 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 3077
Victoria LEGO Users Group - located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
added on 28.06.2006 02:25 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 3334

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