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Your Ultimate Guide to Lego Star Wars Sets!
added on 12.09.2008 22:13 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 3227
From Bricks to Bothans
A LEGO Star Wars fansite that has forums, comics, news and of course, creations.
added on 23.09.2007 21:03 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 4990
Lego Star Wars Club
A great site for parents or kids wanting to check out the latest LEGO Star Wars sets and prices.
added on 26.01.2009 09:18 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2350
LEGO Star Wars Project
(en) The LSW (Lego StarWars) project is a mad project that consists in remaking the "StarWars: A New Hope, episode 4" George Lucas’ film with Lego parts, by animating the lego characters frame by frame.

(fr) Le projet LSW (LEGO StarWars) est un projet fou qui consiste à refaire le film de George Lucas "La Guerre des Etoiles: Un Nouvel Espoir, épisode 4" avec des pièces LEGO, en animant les personnages LEGO image par image.
added on 29.06.2006 15:44 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 4201 is a databank with all production LEGO Star Wars minifigures.
added on 05.06.2009 20:32 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2977
Star Wars Classic Lego Minifigs
An on going collection of classic Star Wars minifigs and customs - updated frequently.
added on 17.04.2007 08:43 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 3379
- Star Wars MINI Models with Instructions
- Star Wars Minifigures built from original unmodified pieces only
added on 02.03.2007 12:48 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 3266

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