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These links offer access to more detailed information, websites by other LEGO fans and brickshops from all over the world.
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The Source For All Your LEGO Castle Needs
added on 28.06.2006 04:43 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 4061
Lego Castle and More - Blog
Some castle related MOCs, pirates, technic and pictures of some lego events Iíve been.
added on 30.04.2008 14:54 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 1698
The Kingdom of Andrastavia
a land of myth and mystery... a time of knights and maidens... a world of magic...where lego... is the only world...
added on 30.06.2006 15:16 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2494
The Kingdom of Ikros
You have arrived in the world of Kahlan, in the land of Ikros, a place of chivalry, sorcery, mystery and intrigue. The evil necromancer, Lord Ethelred, sends a never ending onslaught of the undead to overrun the land in his bid to take over all of Kahlan. The only thing that stands in his way of enslaving the people of this land is the good king Ulmerad. Ulmerad and his knights must remain ever vigilant, for losing to Lord Ethelred means an eternity of serving under him in his undead hordes.....
added on 30.06.2006 15:14 WebmasterHitIn: 0HitOut: 2307

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