by Todd Lehman

New! SpiderWalker Rides Again in POV-Ray

The SpiderWalker is built entirely of LEGO® elements.

Four hinged rods and one straight rod comprise each leg.
The hinged rods come from multiple copies of 2152 Robo Raptor and 6829 Radon Rover.

The leg tips are classic space antennae.
The body of the spider consists of ten corner-connecting hinge-plate pairs.

These alternate above and below the leg connector hinges and hold the body together in a circle.
The belly of the walker supports a minifig.
The minifig is held in place by a harness which descends from the belly of the walker.

The harness comes from an old classic Space set.
Two control sticks govern the direction and speed of the walker.

The walker can move forward, backward, sideways, and pivot in place.
The pilot's legs tuck away neatly into the walker's abdominal cavity.

This is view from directly underneath.
Eight legs provide a considerable amount of flexibility.

An experienced SpiderWalker pilot can open hatches on Metroliner Club Cars while using the hind legs for support.
Using four legs for balance, the SpiderWalker deftly reaches down into the Club Car.
Those victims which are not immobilized by fear are immobilized by a nearly instant nerve injection.
The SpiderWalker then easily removes the victims...
...for cocooning and later to feast on the delicious entrails.