The FibblesnorkTM
Rating System
"How does
your favorite set
stack up?"

This system rates LEGO® sets in four categories. Sets are judged considering the main model and alternative models only. Assortments of pieces are not considered since it is assumed you already have enough to build whatever you like.

Sets are judged against other sets in their size class, or against a ficticious best-case design given the same number of pieces. It is possible for a 30-piece set to win out over a 300-piece set in any category.

Goals of this rating system

Useful The system gives high-level impressions of sets to help collectors prioritize their pursuits.
Visual The system gives ratings visually so that a large amount of data can be scanned rapidly.
Familiar Ratings in each category range from 1 to 4, similar to many "four-star" systems popular today. Numeric ratings are represented by stacks of colored bricks.
Simple Four rating levels and four categories is a simple system which can be memorized and recognized easily.

Poor Unattractive, unexciting, designer's brain was on vacation. Few sets get this rating in more than one category.
Good Average, enjoyable but not particularly special. Most sets attain at least this rating in all four categories.
Great Better than most, very pleasing. Many sets attain this rating in at least one caregory, but few attain it in many categories.
Awesome Beautiful, amazing, rare. Designer should be immortalized. Few sets attain this rating in any category, even fewer in more than one category. It is nearly impossible for a set to get this rating in all four categories.


Form How does the model look and feel?
Function What can the model do?
Color How well do the colors work together?
How well are the pieces used in alternative building suggestions?

2 Mar 96 [TSL]