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October 24-30, 1999


Craig Hamilton
Very little at this site is pure (as in unadulterated) LEGO®, but even die-hard purists are encouraged to have a look. Craig has created nearly 60 of his own custom minifigs by rearranging, repainting, and resculpting existing LEGO® elements in ways which maintain the general LEGO® look and style. The results are so exquisite that they could easily pass for prototypes of future product lines. The site is divided into approximately seven pages, some of which are difficult to reach because the links are obscure. Note in particulate that the transy-lego-vania page has two follow-up pages, and the super craigo-lego and SCI-FI craigo-lego pages are sub-pages of the main page. Craig devotes a good amount of text to design notes and even has a separate page of tips & techniques about painting. The alien from the Alien movies on the sci-fi page is incredible, as are also the 10 DC Comics comic book characters on the super craigo-lego page and many of the transy-lego-vania inhabitants. Star Wars Episode I fans will also get a kick out of Craig's Queen Amidala minifig with a massive hairdo.

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