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October 17-23, 1999

Dan Jezek's Big Big Big Classic Pirate Ship

Dan Jezek
Witness Dan's latest creation: a classic-style pirate ship as immensely beautiful as it is beautifully immense. To this, Dan has committed nearly his entire collection of Pirates sets, as well as three 1200-piece tubs worth of yellow and black bricks. More than a dozen photos and descriptions detail the intricate nature of the ship, which includes 30 cannons, a three-cell prisoner hold, a floor-to-ceiling treasure map, a storage hold for ale, a weapons room, and much more. The main cannons appear on the two decks below the main deck, while the stern rises four stories above the main deck, making for an aft total seven stories high! The bow and stern, specially hinged, both open up to reveal several large rooms, while the main hull of the ship is multiply separable, revealing the ship's innards through several cross-sections. Very cool!

Warning: The entry page for this ship currently contains a hidden frame containing an auto-starting and ever-looping sequence of cheesy MIDI background music. To circumvent this feature, open the ship_bottom.html frame in its own browser window and exit the original as quickly as possible.)

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