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October 3-9, 1999

Spotlight on Programmable LEGO® bricks in the Classroom

Back when we adults were kids, if we got caught playing with LEGO® bricks in school, they'd likely be taken away from us pretty fast. But things are different now, as that wonderful thing called the Internet shows us. Classrooms all around are buying RCX bricks and adopting them into the "official" childhood learning experience. Fifth graders are building robots; sixth graders are collecting data with their own scientific instruments, and so forth — all made with LEGO®.

Over 20 years ago, Seymour Papert was writing about the benefits of learning via such "constructionist" environments, but today with the LEGO Group's educational division (LEGO DACTA), armed with little yellow programmable bricks, it's as easy as pi (err, pie) to make it happen in a school near you.

This week we're featuring a Cool LEGO® Sight of the Week: the sight of kids playing and learning with our favorite toy (and not getting in trouble for it). Follow the links for a tour of what's happening...

Site #152a  
J & J's Robotics in the Classroom
Janis Kam & Jenni McNally, Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board, Ottawa, Canada

Site #152b  
LDAPS, Engineering and Science Curriculum for K-12
Chris Rogers, Ben Erwin, Tufts University

Site #152c  
Davis Creek Elementary LEGO® Robotics Projects
Linda Hamilton, Davis Creek Elementary, WV, U.S.A.

Site #152d  
Lower School LEGO® Projects
Richard Johns & Carol Rodine, The Blake School, MN, U.S.A.

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