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September 5-11, 1999

MindStorms Info. Center

Jin Sato
Jin Sato has probably forgotten more about building robots with LEGO MINDSTORMS than most people will ever learn in a lifetime. A dozen or so of presumably 30 odd robots are on display at Jin Sato's site, including LDraw instructions and POV-Ray raytraces of a classic 6-legged walker named Mushi-Mishi No.4 and other walkers. But most impressive is Jin Sato's astoundingly cool MIBO, a dual-RCX version of the Sony robotic dog Aibo. MIBO's pages include building instructions (in Japanese) with detailed close-up photos, some NQC code, and an animated GIF showing MIBO moving from a standing position to a sitting position. MIBO is a must-see!

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