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August 29 -September 4, 1999

Moonbase Io

Andrew Todd Amacher
Set 300 years in the future, this is a rockin' page of sentient robots and countermeasure forces. The color schemes are pleasantly reminiscent of the official themes Unitron and M:Tron, and many of the models embody particularly gorgeous and innovative unique designs. Notice, for example, the innovative backward use of 4x10x2 cockpit canopy elements in the Command Cruiser model (commship3.jpg), the use of the long brown sloped pieces from the new 7111 Droid Fighter™ set in the UFO #1 model (saucer1.jpg), the squat-but-elegant shape of the Personnel Carrier (dropship1.jpg) and Command Cruiser (commship1.jpg) models, and of course the use of the new Star Wars LEGO hinges in the frightening three-eyed Mantid (mantid1.jpg).

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