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August 1-7, 1999

Ben's LEGO® Millennium Falcon

Ben Fleskes
Weighing in at 15 pounds (9 kg.) and measuring more than 2 feet (67 cm.) in length, Ben's minifig-scale Millenium Falcon is an exquisitely crafted likeness of the heroic Star Wars ship. A rare, world-class masterpiece of LEGO® craftsmanship. Not only is the model equipped with motors, lights, and a sound element, but it also has a spring-loaded concussion missile launcher, a pneumatic loading ramp, and working pneumatic landing gear. Ben has left no stone unturned in the quest for realism; his model even uses old and yellowed elements in some places to simulate the dirt and grime of the real Falcon.

Okay, get going then! Many great photos await you!

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