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July 11-17, 1999

LEGO® Fusion

Zlatko Unger
Here's a relatively new site with a unique look and a clean presentation. For sci-fi and/or military enthusiasts there are Zlatko's own personal models — a mech, a fighter, a speeder, a helicopter, etc. — all cleanly presented with thumbnails. And for general consumption, the big highlight here is the LEGO Evolution subsection of the Other pages. Ever been curious how certain types of repeated set designs have evolved over the years? Check out the 9 different fire stations on the Fire Station Evolution page, the 9 different police stations Police Station Evolution page, and the 5 different Technic car chassis on SuperCar Evolution page. It's quite interesting!

Note: The text links on this site are hard to see, as the underlines have been forcibly removed from them using style sheets. But the links are indeed there if you're willing to do a bit of work to find them. (They tend to be in a slightly darker shade of orange/yellow than the main yellow/orange body text.)

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