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June 13-19, 1999

The Brick Apple

Sean Kenney
Inspired by New York City, The Brick Apple is Sean's lavishly designed LEGO® city. You can enjoy the sights two different ways: as a guided tour or as a self-starting tour using a map. There seems to be about 70 or so photos covering 15 buildings, including helicopter photos from high above the city. The photography is masterful, by the way — not so much in the raw technical quality of the image files but in the composition and lighting of the shots — rarely does someone capture the essence of their constructions so intimately. There are also helpful auxiliary pages giving construction notes, background, a history of updates to the site, a hyperlinked index to all the images, and a delightful page of building ideas with several fine examples of the fusion of pen/pencil sketching and computer typography. A real treat, as well as an inspiration.

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