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May 9-15, 1999

Elin's LEGO® Page

Elin Övernäs
Sit back, relax, and take a virtual tour through Elin's elaborate castle creations. The Keep, still under construction, is a very large three-story building (three minifig stories, that is), with floor plans and graphical links to the individual rooms. Each room has its own web page, and each of these in turn has several photos with thumbnails and short narratives. In the Courtyard of The Keep, by the way, don't miss the innovative use of the red & black 3x3x6 corner wall element. The Town, also very large, is a multi-building creation which you can view from the outside as well as the inside, including other details. There is also The Forest and LDraw model renderings of Elin's Foregate and Bridge models.

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