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April 11-17, 1999

Microfigure-Scale Star Wars Models

Karim Nassar
"Microfigure scale" is an unofficial term coined by fans to characterize small-scale models about an order of magnitude smaller than the official Mini-Figure scale. Karim has built a large variety of models from the official Star Wars universe at this scale — and one even at a "nanofigure scale" — all out of small virtual LEGO® elements (courtesy of LDraw). The realism he achieves (or, rather, the trueness to which these models match the official designs) is incredible and has to be seen to be believed.

A warning to purists: although these models use only official LEGO® element colors, some pieces shown have never been released in the color shown, for example light gray minifig hands, orange plate hinges, and black flower stems. This defect is insignificant, however, when compared with what can be achieved by removing such a restriction.

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