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February 28 - March 6, 1999

Joe's LEGO® Page

Joe Davenport
Joe is just getting started with web pages, but you wouldn't know it because he is off to an incredible beginning with zillions of photos showcasing his LEGO® town and other creations. Although most of the photos are ¼-size thumbnails for now due to space limitations, plenty of details can still be seen in the high-quality thumbnails. In addition to Joe's huge 64-square-feet sprawing town with an exquisitely crafted cathedral, town hall, and hotel, you can check out Joe's minifig-scale models of various agricultural equipment (based on actual products), a super-realistic B-17 Flying Fortress, and, coming later, an expanded section devoted to trains. (By the way, don't miss the impressive Track Installation Crew model.)

Many little details help round out the experience and make this site a real pleasure to visit, for example the girl carrying her lunch tray to a table in the elementary school lunchroom and the minifig worker taking a coffee break high up on the Skyscraper.

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