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February 14-20, 1999

LEGO® City Fire Department

Eric S. McDonald
The LFCD is a primarily text-based site dedicated to Eric's humongous collection of fire-related LEGO® town models. The amount of detail in and breadth of the coverage is amazing: history, maps, budgets, annual reports, salaries of town employees, etc. But in addition to the text are dozens of photos of Eric's 16 (wow) fire stations and over 100 (wow wow) fire apparatus units, spanning everything from firetrucks to utility trucks, helicopters, haz mat trucks, water carriers, fire boats, and more. Most of the models are official LEGO® models from sets, either built according to the instructions or based on alternative models, but you can also find pictures of many of Eric's own models, some of which are even designed after actual fire stations in Minnesota. If you're in a hurry, don't miss the Utility 1, Utility 3, and Utility 4 trucks and the Fire Department Headquarters Building (all of these can be found quickly from the Pictures of Apparatus and Stations page).

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