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December 20-26, 1998

Elwood & Bubba's Big, Big Ship

Derick Bulkley
This ship is to the Pirates theme what Ed Boxer's castle is to the Castle theme — a magnificently detailed work far exceeding the size and sophistication of official sets, yet remaining true to their flavor. The photos are a bit blurry, but you can still appreciate all the details since there are many close-up shots. The physical presense of the ship is marked by its three extra-tall masts, its several decks, its more than twenty cannons (all retractable with gunport covers), and its dead-serious front end. Delicate touches of color and detailing with arches, sloped bricks, railings, and realistic anchor mechanisms round out the design most beautifully.

By the way, you can choose to view the photos individually or all together as a single monolithic web page. This is a nice choice seldom offered!

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