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December 6-12, 1998

Tom's LEGO® Page

Tom McDonald
Here's a relatively new site which is just getting started but already contains some pretty juicy building ideas. The space models here are very cool and include LDraw instructions for several of the models, including an intricate minifig-sized Workbot comprising 26 pieces! Town and train fans will enjoy the San Brickcisco page. But what will really blow you away — even if you haven't ever tried to make a minifig-scale guitar — is the Brickenrocker Guitars page: This is a must-see for anyone and everyone. Recently, Tom made a creative breakthrough in minifig guitar design by discovering that the small hinge fingers of the type used at the ends of 1x2 plates and on certain short rods are compatible with the open holes in 1x2 grille tiles — so not only do Tom's guitars look good, they look just right!

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