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November 1-7, 1998

Carl's Amazing Homepage

Carl Kuhne
Put on a fresh pot of coffee and curl up for a fine half-hour experience at each of Carl's four amazing LEGO® town-based themed setups. Each setup is monstrous (in a good way), covering approximately forty baseplates and containing hundreds and hundreds of minifigs each doing something unique.

In the Lego Metropolis setup, there is a park, an art gallery, a television station, a post office, textile stores, office buildings, a hotel, condominiums, apartments, gas stations, street musicians, and much more. In the Race Track setup, there are multiple grandstands, a pit lane, a first-aid post, and multiple concession stands serving everything from pizza to suds. In the Harbuor setup, there is a pier, cargo trains and cranes, loading docks, police and coast guard, and much more. In the Resort setup, there is a beach (with a volleyball area), a marina, boat rides, wind surfing, stables, games of chance, and a sprawling dance club.

There is a lot of material here, but you'll thank yourself for being patient as it downloads, instead of skipping portions. Many pages have subtle jokes in the photos and dry humor in the commentary — all adding to the overall treat Carl has served up.

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