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August 2-8, 1998

Larry Pieniazek's LEGO® Page

Larry Pieniazek
This is an absolutely prolific site with so many photos (now approaching 300) that you might want to plan ahead and set aside a couple of hours or more for browsing it. The models, which cover various real-life themes such as Trains and Town, are representitive of the state of the art in LEGO® modelling — with many new innovations dreamed up by Larry and friends. (It's left as an exercise for your enjoyment to discover these!) You'll probably see more varieties of functional LEGO® train-car and train-related models here than anywhere else on the Web today, and one begins to wonder how the lot of them might compare to those seen at LEGOLAND® theme parks.

But there's more than Train items here — don't miss the miniature golf page and birthday ideas pages. And for netizens who want an extra measure of security, Larry also offers a Trusted Intermediary Service.

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