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July 5-11, 1998

Ben's LEGO® Station

Ben Fleskes
Much more than a train station (as the name suggests), this site showcases Ben's personal LEGO® train model designs and even a large Millenium Falcon model. From a Custom Amtrak Train based on real Amtrak trains and the LEGO® Metroliner, to a beautiful LL928 4-4-0 steam engine, a self-propelled Old Time Trolley, some serious Freight Cars, motorized vertical-lift bridges, and a huge Union Station, this site packs a whallop of inspiration and ability. The 3-bay 9V train engine Roundhouse with gentle curves and motorized turntable in truly a sight for anyone — not just Train fans. For events and other table set-ups, check out Ben's custom-designed Modular Tables.

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