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May 24-30, 1998

Legobot Headquarters

Mike Wampole
This week's pick is another energetic site devoted to the art of transforming LEGO® models, or Legobots as they are called here. This site is rich with imagery (I counted approximately 170 photos of 32 different models) and organized into manageable chunks. If you're pressed for time, make sure to check out the Arachnid model on the Destron Update page, the Creed model and the whimsical Land-Whale model on the Junk Bots Update page, and the Big Green model on the Guardians page. Note also in various spots the innovative use of a technic peg to convert a minifig-scale weapon (for example, a halberd) into a Technic-figure-scale weapon (examples of this can be seen in the Dragon model on the Destron page and in the Blitz model on the Guardians page).

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