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April 26 - May 2, 1998


Dennis Chidley
Here are more than 50 comic book super-heroes, modeled by Dennis as minifigs. To top it off, they're all ray-traced (created entirely inside the computer -- no carving up plastic), but you almost wouldn't know it because they look so realistic.

Some liberties are taken with minifig body-part shapes (antennae, custom face masks, shoulder pads, wider capes, a special shape for Tick's head), but many could-have-been-messy-hack-jobs are supplanted by actual LEGO® elements, for example the rod clips in the Gates minifig, the curved and inverse-slope bricks and in Monstress and Incredible Hulk, and a 1x2 brick to give Fantastic Man an impressive height.

Many liberties are also taken with colorings, for example transparent legs and arms in Invisible Kid and Invisible Woman (which look pretty darn cool), and general body colorings. These may frighten purists away, but in the final analysis, seeing is believing. Skeptics really ought to check out Joker on the D.C. Super Villans page and Superman (JLA:Yr 1) on the Justice LEGO of America page.

On your way out (or in), don't miss the everyone.jpg image, which you can get to by clicking on the minifig holding the hit counter in the upper-left corner. Zowie!

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