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April 19-25, 1998

Jeremy's LEGO® Page

Jeremy Sproat
This site is an absolute must-see for anyone interested in spacecraft, aircraft, mecha, riot control droids, and high-tech weaponry in general. Taking the art and science of LDraw modelling to new heights, Jeremy displays over 20 masterworks of his own design -- each with several paragraphs of commentary, several viewing angles, and downloadable, fully-componentized LDraw instructions. Not only does each model stand on its own as a compelling work of art, but the collection of models as a whole represents a coherently integrated meta-work of art. Even the background image on the main page is an original concept which ties in with the models.

Go there now, but we warned: The model designs are so intensely packed with creativity and innovation that experiencing them may be as painful as it is pleasurable.

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