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February 8-14, 1998

Jason's LEGO® Pages

Jason Mantor
Here is a great reference and creative site with a large focus on providing a much-needed service to LEGO® fans on the Internet. First and foremost, Jason has created a database front-end to the massive archive of photos at the world-famous LEGO® fansite known as the Pause Magazine LEGO Reference Guide. Using a variety of search criteria, you can now very rapidly find information on virtually all LEGO® sets ever produced. Second, Jason has also set up Jason's LEGO® Exchange where people can post and browse information about sets they have for sale or are seeking to buy. The information you submit stays around indefinitely, and you can modify your information directly online whenever you like. Third, Jason runs auctions from time to time and now provides an interactive interface for bidding on the items he has for sale.

In addition to these services, Jason also demonstrates his LEGO® raytracing skills and provides an unofficial glossary of LEGO®-related jargon which incorportates some of the terminology which has sprung up over the years in the USENET newsgroup

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