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January 11-17, 1998

Ron & Randy's LEGO® MechWarrior Page

Ron & Randy Perovich
They don't look like they're made out of LEGO® pieces, but they are! This may well be the most amazing collection of LEGO® based mecha ever created, with gritty dirt, smoke, and battle scars on the actual models, and digitally enhanced special effects such as lasers, rocket thrust streams, smoke, steam, dirt blasts, and fog in the photos, (some of which depict wonderfully gruesome battle scenes). Ron and Randy achieved weathering and scars on the models using spray paint and enamel...and, of course, keen attention to detail as well as excellent artistic sense.

All of these "modifications" are impressive, but one which is particularly beautiful is the painted canopy on the Timber Wolf model, in which a transparent fluorescent yellow-green 6 x 8 x 3 Aquazone half-dome top has been painted gray but leaves six window facets like a real cockpit canopy. (Star Wars fans will enjoy the resemlance to the Millenium Falcon cockpit windows.)

If you're on a slow Internet connection, you're really encouraged to stick it out and get through everything, as this site is second to none in its area of focus. And even if you're not into "this sort of thing," there are many great, ingenious new uses of elements from which to learn a few tricks (admittedly, most of these are new ways to create weapons, but it's the Zen of it that matters here).

Note: All of the models shown on this site are creations by Ron and Randy using LEGO® pieces, except the photo near the top of the entry page, which is presumably from FASA Corp.

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