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June 20-26, 1999

Monorail Bubble Station

James Mathis
James has built a gorgeous multi-story monorail station, complete with a spiral staircase and dozens of other tasty details.
November 30-December 6, 1997

James Mathis' Page of LEGO®

James Mathis
James has LEGO® truck and traincar building down to a science. Well, actually, to a fine art. Here you will find some of the most detailed and eye-catching Town models on the Web today. Close to 100 high-quality photos of over three dozen models were captured on James's flatbed scanner. Thumbnail images accompany many of the photos on the index page. The innovative construction vehicles, cargo monorail, and the Road Show Truck and Trailer Playset models, among the other gems here, are really amazing works of craftsmanship.

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