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November 2-8, 1997

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Lutz Uhlmann
Foremost here in the reference department is a gigantic reference to LEGO® pieces, including (optionally) pictures. The list is based on the LDraw parts selection, so it is quite large, and it uses official LEGO® part numbers found on the bottoms of the pieces. It's interesting to browse the list in numerical order and watch the progression of pieces over the years, since lower numbered pieces tend to have been released earlier.

In the programming department, Lutz has written a conversion utility called L2P which converts LDraw files into POV-Ray files. Along with this is a POV-Ray library of LEGO® elements. The results are quite impressive, and Lutz has written a tutorial to help you get started as well as several significant sample creations to woo you. Although this tool may appeal to a narrow audience, the results it helps you create can appeal to everyone.

Finally, in the classic modelling category, you can see some of Lutz's creations in his personal gallery of images.

Excellent overall graphic design, great background imagery, and a few clever animated GIFs help round out the fun experience here.

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