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October 12-18, 1997

Zacktron Alliance WWW Site

Tim Courtney (with Brandon Grifford)
Take a stroll through the intricate political and tactical history of the Zacktron Alliance, a Space theme from the creative and prolific minds of Tim and Brandon. Much of the Zacktron guide is still evolving, yet there is plenty to digest at the present time. What makes the Zacktron content exceptionally interesting is that it was created by two fifteen-year-olds with creative talents well in excess of their years.

This site is also the home of the Zacktron Building Contest and the unofficial LEGO® Maniac's Web-Ring. Many fan-created LEGO®-related sites are listed here, with more added every week. Tim is also starting to publish some of his original models in LDraw format.

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