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September 29-October 4, 1997

Thomas's LEGO® Page

Thomas Burger
This is another wonderful LDraw devotee page featuring several airplane models, more than a dozen trucks, buggies, race cars, and a school bus, and more than a dozen train cars, including even a boat transportation car. In the train section, the Railroad Tie Remover is a must-see even for non-Train fans, as is also the stand-up construction barrier at the top of the Town page. If you are fortunate enough to have two Metroliners, you can build a Metroliner Baggage Car from Thomas's instructions, which are available as inline images. Many other of the models come with downloadable LDraw instructions in the form of ZIP files. Finally, Space and Blacktron fans in particular should definitely visit the Blacktron The Lost Generation section, including the monstrous yet growing space station Shiva.

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