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September 21-27, 1997

Shep's Cool LEGO® Place

Chris Shepherd
If you can find your way through the thicket of exclamation points, animated GIFs, bright red "NEW!" markers, and Technic-beam separators, there is some really cool stuff to see here. The motorized Sternwheel Paddleboat is particularly impressive, not only because it worked the first time on its maiden voyage, but also because it's attractively detailed and measures in at a full 5½ feet long! Another large model here is the 40-inch-tall revolving Lighthouse, the view of which from the base, amusingly, begs for a closer look to see if it's real or made of LEGO® bricks.

Hardcore Technic fans should make sure to visit the Walking Dog, Mechanical Arm, Loading Crane, Clock, and miscellaneous technical drawings, while Train fans can delight in the dozen-or-so Train models Chris designed, although the photos are somewhat small and blurry. Finally, if you're the compulsive sorting type, you may enjoy the photo of Chris's storage drawer system in his My LEGO Room photo, which also shows a few models neatly lined up.

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